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See You in Iran (SYI) is the foremost platform for future and former travelers to Iran to connect with locals through experience and information sharing. As featured in Le Monde, Taz, France 24, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Iran (Newspaper), and De Correspondent, See You in Iran originally sought to counter Iranophobia through presenting people’s unfiltered narratives about traveling to Iran.

See You in Iran Hostel

The See You in Iran Hostel, which was rated the "Top Choice Hostel in Tehran" by Lonely Planet, is the accommodation for cultural exchange. It features five private rooms, two dorm rooms, an event-based café, a spacious outdoor garden and is run by a multilingual team.

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Kojeen Café

Our café is both a living room for travelers a place, for hosting public cultural events and a physical space for Iranians and foreigners to interact through information and experience-sharing. At our café guests can enjoy a variety of coffees and traditional Iranian beverages while ...

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Stories and News

August 27, 2017

Couchsurfing: What if I am not an Indonesian?

By Ahmad Adha, SYI Facebook Group Member Hi everyone! I wanna talk about Couchsurfing. So, I've done it for almost six years, mostly hosting. Many references have been left on...
October 12, 2016

Damavand, the highest stratovolcano in Asia

By Shima Bagheri, SYI Facebook Group Member Mountain Damavand, the highest stratovolcano in Asia, 5 610 m. Situated 65 km from Tehran. Despite all my visits to Iran, I got...
October 12, 2016

Community of Afro-Iranians (African)

By: Töyyinn von Ewigerausländer, SYI Facebook Group Member Dear Group, My name is Töyyinn. After discovering Iran's rich history and culture on my maiden trip in 2015 as you may see...
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