Kashan’s unique “Puppet and Toy Museum and Guesthouse” is a charming accommodation, a unique site of cultural preservation and also an academic passion project. It started when the founder came across a collection of Qajar (approximately 200+ years) era toys. He wrote scholarly papers on it. Did an exhibition. Then ultimately wanted to dedicate a museum traditional toys, dolls and puppets. And he did.

The unique “Puppet and Toy Museum” plays an important cultural role in preserving local crafts and art. It’s made up of three key sections: traditional folk dolls, international dolls, and antique and contemporary toys. The variety of museum items engages people of all ages. Furthermore, the museum hosts various events from workshops to performances that include Iranian folklore and traditional music. Lastly, the museum runs a mobile puppet and toy museum which conducts travel shows throughout Iran and other countries as an opportunity for cultural exchange.

After the launching the museum, accommodation spaces were made with the goal that they would host more interaction and cultural connection. It’s also the ideal space for just this. In addition to being a museum, it’s the former house of Qajar-era poet and cleric Jafar Allameh Feizi, was the descendant of the famous mystic Faiz Kashani.

The guesthouse consists of seven, traditionally-decorated rooms all leading into a lovely courtyard.

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Lovely Kashan

Kashan is a charming destination for people traveling between Tehran and Isfahan. It’s a lovely spot for a weekend trip wherein travelers can explore unique architecture, agriculture and development.
Approximately 250 years an earthquake almost completely destroyed Kashan. The passion its people have for development is reflected in how, after this natural disaster, they reconstructed their hometown. A good they did at that, too! For example, Kashan architecture uniquely consists of no single house having the same plan! It ranges from simple mud walls to complicated internal spaces. All of this can be explored by visiting the traditional Boroujerdi House, Tabatabaian House, Abbasian House, Fin Garden, Shazdeh Ibrahim Shrine, Aqa Bozorg Mosque, and Kashan’s Grand Bazaar. To this day the people of Kashan are notably involved and active the development of their city, not only through the preservation of their old houses but also through agriculture. This is evidenced by Kashan’s well known qanat (i.e. water channel systems) and permanent water springs, which have contributed to the sustaining of farming and agriculture. This has in turn led to the preserving of Kashan’s famous roses, rose-water festival and rose-based products including oils and drinks.

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