A glimpse of Iran,An experience of a lifetime

By December 11, 2019 Online Community

 I only had a week in Iran ,but it felt like a lot more,I had so many lovely experiences,some of them  were quite unique too. like walking in a snowy Naqsh-e jahàn square! My days have been so full of discoveries,beauty,fun and the kindness of pretty much everyone I have met,that it still comes to my mind everyday how good it felt to be there. Iran was one of those places that I always dreamed about,but so far away and different that it felt almost like something impossible for me…and if someone told me,let’s say 5 years ago, that I would’ve gone in cities like Isfahan,Shiraz,seen desert dunes and a few hours later some snow,walked in some of most beautiful mosques I’ve seen or in those colorful bazaars,I would have never believed it possible for me, and also I ,yes I felt like a foreigner but not like a stranger.

For this amazing week I can never thank Peyman enough ,who was much more that a guide,but really an incredibly kind,knowledgeable,open minded and funny friend,who went above and beyond to make sure I could experience these amazing things in such a short time. I really have no words to describe the kindness of all the people I have met,and the feeling of being in a such a different environment yet so familiar in some kind of way. I didn’t only appreciate visiting beautiful cities and incredible sights (oh,and don’t even get me started about the food,which was some of the best I’ve ever had…),but it was the small things that made my soul happy,like eating pomegranates around a korsi in an evening of snow in Esfahan,eating together with people from the whole world at the same table in a guesthouse of Varzaneh, seeing the most stunning starry sky in the middle of the desert (after the scariest fog ),being invited to have dinner with Iranian friends who were so incredibly kind to speak English literally the whole time not to make me feel excluded,and then read Hafez’s poetry for me, or visiting an old artisan’s shop to see (and buy maaaaany) qualamkari fabrics, and so much more! This little glimpse of Iran really stole my heart…so much that I’m already planning my next trip…


Claudia Cappiello