As an American Citizen: PLEASE Go to Iran

By August 13, 2018 September 15th, 2019 Online Community

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By Lon Russell Crow, SYI Facebook Group Member

I, an American citizen, have just returned from my first trip to Iran. I have a message for my fellow Americans. If you want to find a country where you have the potential to receive 83,000,000 hugs, PLEASE go to Iran. I spent 10 days in the Esfahan area. EVERYTIME, when a beautiful Iranian found out I was American, I got the same reaction. Their eyes got big, then their smiles got bigger and then I heard, “We love Americans”. EVERYTIME! I personally wanted to do two things. I wanted to thank Iran for giving me heaven. For 28 years I was married to my precious Iranian wife, Mariam Mani (see picture). Mariam asked me “you do know Iran is not what you see on TV, right?”. I found THAT Iran. That is why I wanted to do the second thing. I wanted to tell 83,000,000 Iranians, I am sorry for what my country has done to them. I find it amazing they all wanted to embrace this American after what we have done to the Iranian people. I have only one warning to my fellow American, be prepared to be embraced by 83,000,000 perfect strangers. After I landed back in Virginia, I now feel the loss of that huge embrace. I WILL be back. That embrace is addictive.

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