International labor day, Iran

By May 17, 2018 September 16th, 2019 Iran, Media

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In the celebration of International Workers’ day, we encourage new business structures which challenge the ongoing relationship between capital, labor, and decision-making power, in order to provide more fair work environments and living conditions. We also acknowledge the continual need to reform labor policies and improve upon labor conditions for all workers: citizens, migrants and the undocumented. We see these shortcomings and issues globally, nationally and inside the See You in Iran organization and collectively commit to improving our own attempts at proposing and executing models that deconstruct the capitalist interplay of ownership, management, and profit sharing.
This is See You in Iran’s plan of action. Our aspiring model has theoretical and practical issues. We invite like-minded workers and employers to brainstorm with us in the collective pursuit of continually improving labour rights.
– Wages: For cooperative members’ wages are 1.5x more than Iran’s legal, national standard. Furthermore, the highest wage in our team is double our organization’s minimum wage. Thereby, maintaining a 2:1 ratio between the highest and lowest salaries.
– Employee-owned: Ownership of See You in Iran is shared among 19 workers. At present, the highest share is at 30%. Furthermore, See You in Iran’s profit is shared among all of its workers/shareholders.
– Democratic: All mangerial positions function along a collective and democratic process. As a result, all of See You in Iran’s managers are democratically elected.