Kashan Puppet and Toy Guest-house / Museum

By August 4, 2018Media

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See You in Iran has partnered up with the Puppet and Toy Guest House which is an accommodation in the heart of Kashan that has one of the most welcoming populations within Iran. The historic sites that vary from aged dazzling structures to Bazar and Gozars (small local markets) has made Kashan an alluring destination for foreign and domestic travelers. The puppet and toy guest house, with its fascinating back story is located within Kashan’s narrow alleyways. The guest house which embodies a museum as well, was founded just over three years ago by a theatre enthusiast, Amir Sohrabi whose essential goal was to represent the culture and history of storytelling in the form of puppet shows and the origins of this relatively obscure art in Iran. The accommodation is a refurbished and renovated Qajari house (around 200 years old) and still resembles somewhat the atmosphere of that era. The museum possesses number of authentic Iranian puppets and toys from various periods of history which are showcased in the spacious basement. Tours of the basement which includes a few minutes long puppet show and a thorough story behind each artifact, are organized on a regular basis.

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