Now or Never: The Best Days of My Whole Life

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Now or Never: The Best Days of My Whole Life

By جهان العلمي, SYI Facebook Group Member

Hello dear See You in Iran community,
I’ve been in love with Iran since years, and visiting it was what I kept wishing for, for so long. A Moroccan friend added me here months ago. I kept scrolling this page and the same day I said to myself: it’s now or never. The same day I took the decision of starting to plan for my trip to Iran during the spring break off days, despite the huge lack of financial means I was facing with my student situation. 4 months later, I landed in Imam Khomeini airport, barely believing my dream was coming true.
I spent between Tehran, Shiraz and Esfahan the best days of my whole life, and got to meet wonderful people I’ll never forget. I also found love in Iran.
Life or karma or I don’t know put my two favourite countries in the world in the same group for this competition, a group called by Moroccans “the group of death”.
Yesterday, the bitterness of the defeat was something I can’t even describe. After 20 years of absence from the World Cup. I saw sadness on the faces of my people and tears burning faces. We are already out of the competition unless some miracle happens.
Being down for my country is totally natural and normal, especially after what and how things happened yesterday.
But you know what, knowing that the people I love the most are happy, made it for me less hard. My beloved Iranians tried not to show me their euphoria, even though I know very well their happiness was and still tastes so sweet. And it’s amazing.
Enjoy your victory, it’s well deserved. Mistakes and fear are something that should be assumed. We do not blame the other for them.
Congratulations from the depth of my heart, I love you, and I love this bittersweetness of football. 🇲🇦❤️🇮🇷
I don’t know how many Moroccans are in this group but let’s not forget to be kinder with Aziz Bouhaddouz, the broken man of the game. We win together, we loose together.

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