Overwhelming Friendly Encounters

By March 12, 2020 Online Community

Although we left Iran a few weeks ago, it doesn‘t mean that we’ll not stay connected with our friends in Iran. These days are dark and hopeless for many of you. It hurts me so much to feel your deep sadness and powerlessness in your contributions, in your black profile pictures, in your art and speechlessness. Therefore I would like to give you all this little picture of hope, which I was able to experience in your wonderful country with so many good and open-hearted people. It was my best travelling time ever, I can’t put into words how many deep, nice and overwhelming friendly encounters we had, how many invitations, smiles and touching words. Therefore without big words for it with all the more solidarity.

And for all non-Iranians: These words may sound strange. I know that our media doesn’t say much and especially not the whole truth about the current situation in Iran, especially not about the people, how they are doing, how they feel. But they are the country, not their government, not some foreign country threatening to destroy cultural assets, not our looking away and believing of these weird frightening stories. They are people like you and me, friends, citizens of the world. Give them a sign, comment on their contributions and art. Go and visit this beautiful country. Don’t let hate and fear overwhelm your actions. They need our support now. Show them that we are all connected. I’ll come back soon, that’s for sure.


Micha Eicher