Safety in Iran

By May 3, 2020 Online Community

More than a year ago, I’ve decided to move to Iran, on my own, to discover this country I’ve fell in love with after two wonderful trips.

The first time I’ve discovered Iran, things were quite different. There was a lot of hope, and many Iranians have invested all their energy to help tourists discover the beauties of their country. There are my friends, my colleagues, and somehow, my second family.

Nowadays, I also work by their side, and I can see by myself how badly the recent events have affected them. In their personal lives as much as in their work. Yet, let me tell you something about Iranians: they are the most resilient people I’ve met and they never give up, whatever the difficulties. I learned, and still do, a lot with them.

In my work, I speak with foreign travelers daily, and I hear about their concerns. As well as I do with my own friends and family in France. I understand them all. Yet, I know that the reality I see here is far from what they read or see in the media. Nothing new so far… I wish I could reassure them, tell them how’s life here, and that Iran is, and will remain, a safe country for travelers. The safest I’ve visited actually. And that Iranians will always welcome them with open arms, whatever their nationality.

I’ve written a text to give my vision, as a foreigner living in Tehran, and I wanted to share it here. It’s not some kind of disguised advertisement, it truly comes from my heart. And I would be happy to discuss with anyone who intends to travel to Iran, if it may help them to make up their mind

Daisy Lorenzi