Some Facts About Iran

By September 5, 2018 September 15th, 2019 Online Community

By Janke Klb, SYI Facebook Group Member

Hey everyone, I’ve been to Iran recently and will share some fun facts with my friends. I shortly wanted to ask the Iranian people if they disagree with any of the following (or even know some additional facts? :) )

– In Tehran, the ending of your license plates defines on which day you can drive to the city centre. Even numbers on some days, uneven on the other days.

– Persian people are so polite, they even apologize for turning their back towards you when taking the driver’s seat of their own car.

– There might be weddings where the male guests will never see the bride during the whole party.

– There are cold foods and warm foods and every food has a known effect on your body.

– There are Walls of Kindness in Tehran. Wall of Kindness – Hanging things that you do not need and people in need can take it.

– There is a genetic condition, affecting mostly African and Middle Eastern people : Favism. Eating fave bean/broad been might trigger red blood cell breakdown. So it is very dangerous for some to eat this typical Persian food.

– There are more Azerbaijanis in Iran than Azerbaijanis in Azerbaijan.

– Iranian people make a difference between Iran and Islam. There are some weddings where you have a persian ceremony and a muslim ceremony. (Different to Europe where a western wedding ceremony is usually a christian ceremony)

Let me know if you have the feeling something is incorrect or so. I will post the facts on my instagram on janke_klb. :)

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