Traveled to Iran with my cat

By April 23, 2020 Online Community

Hello everybody.

Last year I traveled to your beautiful country together with my bicycle and my cat Mia.

Unfortunately I made the mistake to film the nature in November on the island Qeshm near an unmarked military area. Thereupon I was arrested by the military police and was then taken by the Islamic Revolution Guards to Tehran to the Evin prison where I was “allowed” to spend a long time. Already there the IRG told me that my cat is “lost on Qeshm” and that I “never will see her again”.

After I was finally back home, it was confirmed that they did indeed pick up the cat in their accommodation in mid-November. Nobody knows what then happened to her and the IRG is also silent about it.

She’s now about one year old and completely blind! I am grateful for any information about their remaining. For the decisive hint (and evidence) about her whereabouts or even about what happened to her a reward of 200,-€ is offered!

Please share this, especially if you have friends on Qeshm!

Markus Zöllner