Gallery Hopping

“See You in Iran tours” are interactive sociocultural outings. We try to create an atmosphere to connect our guests and locals.

Let’s Explore Iranian Contemporary Art Scene Through Galleries and Exhibitions!

Every Friday, a number of art exhibition openings take place across Tehran. During the recent decade, the number of art galleries and artists have remarkably increased. On this day, artists, art critics, and art admirers converge in the artistic center of Tehran to visit and celebrate art throughout the day with new gallery exhibitions. It is an opportunity for artists and the public to expand their network of acquaintances and friends by discussing the latest news and reviews on the contemporary art scene of Iran. Tourist of any discipline-with or without any artistic background, is welcome to join this event.
After a brief description of the tour with the participants, we will begin from the closest art gallery from the hostel and continue discovering the art scene by visiting other events in the city center and finally will end up with a nice small meal in the neighborhood.
This tour is also available on weekdays upon request.

Tour highlights are:

  • Introduction of the tour at the hostel
  • Start from the closest Art Gallery to the hostel and continue to other events in the neighborhood (4 Galleries at least)
Duration: 4 Hours (5 to 9 p.m)
Date: Fridays(Opening of Art Exhibitions)
Weekdays(On Request)
Transportation: Walking and Public transportation
Food: On request
1-2 People3-5 People6 People or more
30 Euros60 Euros80 Euros

Yasaman's Tour

Yasaman is an artist and curator currently living and working in Tehran. Over the years, Yasaman has collaborated with numerous emerging and established artists, collectives and publications in Iran and internationally. She is passionate about arts, linguistics and cultural exchange.

She believes a great part of traveling to a new place in addition to historical sites, is meeting and communicating with locals. Yasaman is currently doing research on myths and rituals of the Middle East. She values the cross-cultural exchanges and believes that the dialogue between people of different cultures can expand one’s vision through history and humanity.