Tehran Tours

“See You in Iran Tours” are interactive sociocultural outings. We try to create an atmosphere to connect our guests and locals.

Tehran is a city situated at the heart of Alburz Mountains with its layers, people, sub-cultures, functions, communities and history!

Our Tehran tours are designed by urban explorers and storytellers who enjoy sharing their city life experiences. Each tour has its own atmosphere and there are few common points which we tried to achieve in designing them:

  • To introduce new journeys and narrations of Tehran.
  • To share a new perspective of different places.
  • To create a platform for  experience sharing.


Our tours are based on specific topics, location bases or a period of time.
Choose from one of the below packages to book your tour. If you wish to modify the tour program, then please contact our Tehran Tours Director by sending an email to karfar@seeyouiniran.org

Gallery Hopping

Every Friday, a number of art exhibition openings take place across Tehran. During the recent decade, the number of art galleries and artists have remarkably increased. On this day, artists, art critics, and art admirers converge in the artistic center of Tehran to visit and celebrate art throughout the day with new gallery exhibitions.

Urban [life] Spaces

The city can be called the second home or even the home itself! Our cites are one of the critical elements to make memories and influencing our behaviors. But what is our share of our cities and what are the impacts of urban spaces in our lives?

Grand Bazaar & Golestan Palace

The Bazar is like a living creature which is dynamically growing; Bazar has historically had an important role in shaping the cities and urban culture since decades ago. It has various social, economic, and political layers...

Si-e-tir Street

Si-e-Tir Street is famous for having different communities living on the same street; Armenians, Zoroastrians, Muslims and Jews are all having their own neighborhoods.
National museum is also at a walking distance which was designed by french architect Andre Godard. Then we walk towards Ceramic and Glassware museum which was curated in 1977.

Gastronomy Wonderland

Going a few hundred years back in the Persian history, food had to be prepared and catered in-house by the female head of the household. The idea of eating out was still a taboo until the first bakery was opened in Tehran by a Russian expat in 1931, which then was expanded to a cafe where people could snack out.