Frequently Asked Questions

Puppet Museum Hostel Kashan

Why do we recommend Kashan?

Kashan is a historic city with a unique architecture style, lovely people, amazing herbal drinks; it’s connected to central desert (Dasht-e Kavir) from north and Karkas mountains (Zagros) from south. It hosts the most exclusive historic houses in Iran.

By three hours of journey from Tehran, you are going to experience a different city and culture.

It’s also a comfortable stop on the way to Isfahan to break the six hours of bus travelling to Isfahan.

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Which hostel in Kashan?

We recommend our co-partner in Kashan, called Puppet Museum Hostel.

Puppet Museum Hostel is a compostable low-budget accommodations with friendly staff.

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Why Puppet Museum Hostel?

We listed five reasons to choose this Hostel:

  • Comfortable accommodation facilities like a communal courtyard, air conditioner, refrigerator, public kitchen etc.
  • Cultural atmosphere
  • Easy accessibility to the all historic sites you wish to visit
  • More than a cozy accommodation, it’s about experiencing a deeper layer of Iranian culture
  • Tours and local events to explore the Kashani lifestyle and culture. (Tours on different trades, villages around Kashan, old city fabric, city life etc.)

How to do your booking for Puppet Museum Hostel?

You can book your room/bed on our website. If you are staying in our hostel you can ask our receptionist to help you to book or do it on your own, using our booking platform tablet provided in the café. you can reserve your room/bed but it doesn’t include online payment.

How to get there from Tehran?

Bus is the most recommended mean of transportation; there are buses almost every half an hour from the Tehran south terminal.

There are almost five trains going every day to Kashan; for their timing and price details you should go to a local travel agency.  you can also refer to Rail Transportation Co (RAJA).

You can also rent a car/private taxi; for more information you may talk to our receptionist.  

How can I get to Puppet Museum Hostel from See You in Iran Hostel?

You can ask our receptionist  to call a taxi to get to the Tehran south terminal/Tehran railway station. Take your bus/train from the terminal/station.  

Or you can use metro via the Haft-e-Tir metro station and get down in Terminal Jounob (South Terminal) metro station (Red Line), then ask for Kashan buses within the Terminal. It takes almost three hours to arrive in Kashan.

Ask the bus-driver to drop you at Madkhal square in Kashan; there are taxis and private cars to take you to Puppet Museum Hostel. The price should be around 4 to 7 thousand Tomans, not more.

How can I enjoy the most of this city?

  • Visit the Bazzar and its most amazing Teamcheh, and enjoy watching it while drinking your tea at a local tea house.
  • Walk in the historical centre of Kashan.
  • Never miss visiting, Historical Houses, Agha Bozorg Mosque, Bagh-e-Fin (Fin Garden).  
  • You can visit amazing villages around Kashan, like Qamsar, Niyasar, Barzok with rose flower gardens.
  • Try to choose professional local tours and local tour-leaders.
  • At the Bazzar and its Bakhshi Teamcheh, visit Zee showroom which is providing the old collection and contemporary art and crafts. You can also enjoy newly opened cafes nearby.
  • Take your sunscreen with you, you may need it.

For any additional info, you can ask our friends in the Puppet Museum Hostel.

Address of Puppet Museum Hostel?

No.43, Allameh Dead End, 6th Bastan Alley, Alavi Avenue

Phone numbers: 0098-3155225134


Address in Farsi:

کاشان، خیابان علوی، روبروی خانه طباطبایی، کوچه علامه، خانه-موزه اسباب بازی و عروسک