Greater Khorasan

“See You in Iran tours” are interactive sociocultural outings. We try to create an atmosphere to connect our guests and locals.

Number ticket limits: 1-15Tour Duration: 14 Days and 13 Nights
Tour Services Type: B&B EconomyTour Difficulty:  3 out of 10
Tour Destinations: Central, Northern and southern Khorasan provinces- Semnan provinceTour Best season: September until June

Overview :

The name of Khorasan used to distinguish the eastern parts of Iran plateau which means Sunrise or land of the Sun.
Various geographical effects like dry deserts, high mountains, green planes and fertile earth, cause deep cultural specifications. The region used to host the important parts of silk road and communication corridor of three continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, caused many cultural exchanges. Parthian empire (247 BC – 224 AC), Mongols and Turkic attacks and governors, have made different wars, historical events and opportunities.
Different types of remained art and glorious architecture are signs of the respectful history and greatness of Khorasan.
Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic; Mevlana/Mawlawi (1207-1273 AC), the mathematician, astronomer and Persian poet; Omer Khayyam (1048-1131 AC), Iran’s greatest living maestro of Persian classical music; Mohammad Shajarian, and many other well-known people, are grown up in this mysterious land.
This tour fits you if you are interested in Architecture and culture with taste of different natural landscapes.

1Welcome to Sunrise
The glorious holy shrine of Imam Reza.
Museum of the shrine.
Naderi museum.
3* hotel
2Northern Part
Hosts different peaceful tribes.
Mofakham palace and ethnology museum of north Khorasan.
Hiking in Baba-Aman protected area to visit gazelles and mouflons.
3* hotel or Traditional guesthouse
3EsfarayenFeeling the real life of Kurdish people of northern Khorasan.
Belquis citadel.
Ruyin village.
Local fabrics workshops.
Kurdish music and dance (due to the possibility of time and season).
Traditional guesthouse
Land of turquoise
The biggest turquoise mine of Iran.
Khayyam tomb, famous Persian poet.
Attar tomb, the great Iranian mystic and poet.
Shah Abbasi Caravanserai of silk road.
Traditional guesthouse or local house.
5KhafKhargerd historical mosque and school.
Folk music of central Khorasan (due to the possibility of time and season).
Traditional guesthouse
6Motherland of saffron
The ancient windmills of Nashtifan.
Jame mosque of Qaen.
Kooh castle, the defensive castle of Assassins.
Saffron fields and Barberry gardens (available during October and November, it is possible to participate to harvest saffron flowers based on your request, please ask for more information).
Traditional guesthouse in Qaen of Forg citadel
7BirjandAkbariyeh Persian garden*
Ethnology museum of south Khorasan.
Zurkhaneh, the Iranian ancient Gymnasium based on live drum music.
Old bazar of Birjand.
Traditional guesthouse
8Real dreamy oasis
Khusf historical village.
Nayband oasis next to Lut desert.
Dige Rostam hot spring.
Zardgah hot spring.
Traditional guesthouse
9Life is back
The historical renovated village.
Persian bath.
Traditional guesthouse
10TabasAncient Korit Dam.
Morteza Ali canyon and hot spring.
Golshan Garden.
Ezmighan historical village.
Traditional guesthouse or Nomadic guesthouse
11Ferdows(heaven)Kale Jenni canyon.
Boshruyeh desert.
Mostofi historical house.
Ferdows hot spring complex.
Traditional guesthouse or Hotel
12GonabadRiyab historical renovated village.
Ancient Iranian watering system; Qanats*.
Pottery workshops.
Historical mosque and school.
Ancient water mills of Kakhk.
Traditional guesthouse
13Qale-BalaHistorical village of Qale-bala neighboring Turan national park.Traditional guesthouse
14TehranTuran national park (possibility to see Persian onager, mouflons, birds by chance and main residence of Iranian cheetah).
Jame mosque of Damghan.
Caravanserai of silk road.

All sites with * sign are submitted in UNESCO world heritage.

Services Included:

  • All transfers and transportation
  • Professional licensed guides and drivers (Guide assistant for 15 pax and more)
  • All accommodation (B.B)
  • Local flight
  • Refreshment (2 bottles of water + fruits)
  • Visa authorization code processing fee

Services Not Included:

  • Entrance fees
  • Food meals
  • International flights
  • Visa fee
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips to local guides and drivers

Tour details:

    • The priority in sightseeing may be changed due to the time of your arrival, preference of your guide and also official and unofficial holidays of some museums
    • Hotel check-in time generally is at 2:00 PM. According to your arrival time, if you need an early check-in you must book an extra day.

Tour Short Description:

Highlights:  The historical soul of great Khorasan and the amazing combination of nature and culture.
13 overnight in hotel or guest house

  • The price includes double and twin rooms in Hotels. Single rooms cost an extra fee.
  • Private or single rooms are not available in the traditional local house. Sleeping equipment is traditional, comfortable Mattresses and Blankets. No Bed!
13 breakfast
2 bottles of water + fruits.

  • Vegetarian dishes are also possible upon request
  • The number of meals depending on your arrival and departure time may be changed.
All transfers and transportation:

  • Private car for 2-3 pax. Suitable minibus for bigger groups.
Professional licensed guides and drivers. ( Guide assistant for 15 pax and more)


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