A Tour about the Socio-Cultural Significance of Parks in Modern Iran

Date: Monday, April 2nd, 2018. 10:00 – 14:00
Location: See You in Iran Hostel (On the map)

What Happened …

Our cities are dark with smog. Our streets bustle because of overpopulation. Our ears vibrate with noise pollution. Our need for nature, calm and space exponentially grows as climate change continues to worsen.

As #SeeYouinIran Cultural House’s Sizdeh Bedar tour “From Paradise to City Park” evidenced, the public needs access to urban green spaces. Our parks are socio-culturally significant and environmentally invaluable. They are an extension of the historical legacy of the “chahar-bagh.” The product of complex and multi-generational policies. They are also a tool in our battle against the contaminations of modern urban living.

Nature’s role in the celebration of Sizdeh Bedar is tied to the spring equinox and the arrival of the new year. However, as our seasons become shorter and our weather patterns continue to change Sizdeh Bedar is becoming less about tradition, and more about surviving modernity.

📷 Amin Behmanesh
🖊 Sogand Afkari
🌱 seeyouiniran.org

What to Expect

What is heaven on earth? Is it a feeling? Is it a space? In ancient Iran paradise was said to exist as a garden. But what about today? Modernity’s urban equivalent of a garden is a city park. They’re not often described as “heavenly,” but they are important nonetheless. What meaning and role do they have in Iran today? Join us for “Paradise as a Park” for the answers to these questions, a deeper look at the socio-cultural legacies of ancient Iranian gardens in relation to modern parks and for a tour of the Artist’s Forum, Golestan Palace, Park-e Shahr and Water and Fire Park on April 2nd from 10 am until 2 pm at the See You in Iran Hostel.

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Sizdah Bedar

“Sizdah Bedar takes place on the 13th day of the Persian New Year and marks the end of the Nowruz holiday. It is customary for Iranians to celebrate such day by spending the day outdoors picnicking. Families will pack their lunch and head out to the park of their choice to spend the day enjoying the warmer temperatures of spring time while hanging out with family and friends. The time spent outdoors with friends is filled with joviality and happiness. Picnic items are set out, kabobs are grilled, music and dancing takes place, as well as various fun games are played by all.”