See You at the Tehran Grand Bazar & Golestan palace

“See You in Iran tours” are interactive sociocultural outings. We try to create an atmosphere to connect our Guests and locals.

The Bazar is like a living creature which is dynamically growing; Bazar has historically had an important role in shaping the cities and urban culture since decades ago. It has various social, economic, and political layers. Tehran’s grand market is one of the oldest areas of Tehran; there is no precise record of the Tehran market. It is widely believed that the first core of this market was formed after the arrival of Islam in Iran, and most of its developments occurred during the Safavid period and Qajar era. Each space has its own stories and subculture.
The Grand Bazar consists of various parts such as mosques, houses, corridors, shrines, tea houses, restaurants and more. Bazari people live like members of a community and have built their own culture in macro and micro scale. The Golestan palace is where we can call the heart of Qajar era in Tehran with its numerous stories. Throughout this tour, we try to understand its spaces through its stories.
We start our tour at Golestan palace, then we try to experience a day of market life which is our main focus of this tour; their way of dealing with issues, food and other activities. We will start from Sabz Meydan, then Shoe and Carpet market, I. Zeid Shrine, different trade’s market, the grand Char-suq, copper market, carrying on to S. Ismail Shrine and then we will be back at the Bazar main St. Panzdah Khordad.

Tour highlights:

– Tour Introduction at the hostel

– Experiencing public transportation to P.Khordad metro station

– Visiting Golestan palace

– Walking to the Sabz-Meydan whilst getting familiar with its stories

– Exploring different trades zones from Sabz-Meydan to copper Bazar

– Walking through and discussing Bazar spaces and their dynamics

– Tea break at Hussein’s eighty years old tea-house

– Exploring the path from Charsogh to S. Ismail shrine

– Walking back to the metro station

– Lunch at one of the local restaurants (optional)

– Coming back to the hostel together (optional)

Duration: 6 Hrs (9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m)

Date: On request

Number of Participants: On request

Transportation: Walking and public transportation

Food: On request

Entries: No entry fees required on this tour in addition to the tour price.

1-2 People: 30 Euros
3-5 People: 60 Euros
6 People or more: 80 Euros

To request this tour, please send an email with your desired dates to