Iran UNESCO Sites Tour

“See You in Iran tours” are interactive sociocultural outings. We try to create an atmosphere to connect our guests and locals.

Number ticket limits: 1-15Tour Duration: 15 Days and 14 Nights
Tour Services Type: EconomyTour Difficulty:  3 out of 10
Tour Destinations: Hamadan- Kermanshah- Khuzestan- Fars- Meymand- Yazd- Isfahan- KashanTour Best season: 12 months


A journey to Iran can be a magical experience of so many subcultures. Our 15 days journey has tailored to take you across some part of this ancient land. Discovering Iran’s various cultures, warm hospitality and endless layers of history would be surprisingly impressive for anybody. There are 23 registered UNESCO world heritage sites in Iran that each one has its own story. In Iran UNESCO sites Tour, we will visit 16’s of these historical sites and enjoy of Iranian warm welcoming.
Bisotun, where an enormous multilingual inscription was carved into a cliff ordered by Darius the Great in the 5th century B.C;
Biblical city of Susa;
Ziggurat at Chogha Zanbil, dating back to 1250 BC;
Shushtar’s 2,500-year-old Hydraulic System;
Isfahan’s Jameh Mosque and Imam square;
Pasargadae, the capital of the Achaemenes Empire and tomb of Cyrus; founder of the empire;
Iranian Qanat, a unique water control system;
Several of Persian Gardens;
And of course, Persepolis, the eventual capital of the Achaemenes; an amazing testament to ancient international relations.
This tour makes an opportunity to see amazing natural landscapes of Zagros Mountains and central Iran’s plateau and also striking works of art which include glorious architecture, intricate carpets, fine ceramics, ornate miniatures, and spectacular metal works beside many important highlights of Iran’s history.

1HamadanDeparture from Tehran to Hamadan.
Alavian mausoleum tower; a great example of Seljuk art in Iran.
Ancient site of Ecbatana; Capital of Median empire by Deioces(700 BC).
Avicenna’s tomb, a world-renowned astronomer, physician of 10th century.
Ganjnameh, the oldest Achaemenes inscription engraved on two stone panels next to a waterfall.Lalejin, the city of potteries is possible due to the time and interest.
>>4 UNESCO sites of Soltaniyeh Dome*, Sheikh Safi Tomb*, Tabriz grand bazar* and the Armenian monastic ensembles* of Iran are also possible due to your request and season. It needs 2-4 days extra.

>>Golestan palace* is strongly recommended to visit. You can book a Tehran tour.

3*Hotel or equivalent
2KermanshahEarly departure to Kermanshah.
Anahita temple of Kangavar.
Bisotun historical complex of reliefs and inscriptions*
Taghe-Bostan means Arch of heaven, the Sassanid large rock reliefs next to a sacred spring.
3ShushtarContinue to Khuzestan.
A picnic lunch like Iranian traditions.
Remains of Pole-Dokhtar 2000 years old bridge.
Ancient city of Shushtar and the historical hydraulic water system*.
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4AhwazHaft Teppe historical complex.
Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat* as the biggest man made structure in Iran and one of the few remaining examples of ziggurats in the Middle East.
Ancient site of Susa* or Shush dating back to around 6000 BC.
Tomb of Daniel known as a Jewish prophet.
3* Hotel or equivalent
5BishapurLeaving the oil-rich province of Khuzestan to Fars province via tribal and nomadic areas of Mamasani and Boyer-Ahmadi. Current Fars province of Iran hosts many impressive sites and signs of ancient empires of Iran. Pasargad; the tomb of Cyrus and Persepolis; the eventual capital of Achaemenes are the ancient highlights which we will visit in the next day.

Bishapur historical complex and around, as part of the Sassanid archeological landscape* of Fars province.
Tange-Chogan or Chogan valley including historical inscriptions of Sassanid kings and the great standing Shapur I statue of Shapur historical cave.
Anahita temple of Bishapur.

Nomads are accessible during May until September when they are moved to these areas from higher attitudes to reach green lands for their animals and better climate for themselves.
It is possible to organize a nomadic experience upon your request. It can add one or more nights to the plan.
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6ShirazShiraz is famous as the city of poetry, literature and flowers. During Iran’s history, this city was the leading center of arts and letters in several times. It was the last capital of Iran during 17th during Zand dynasty just before moving the capital to Tehran by Qajar kings. Mausoleum of Hafiz and Saadi, the most famous Iranian poets, beautiful historical gardens, Orange blossoms all over the city during spring, historical buildings remained from Zand dynasty; all makes the key role of the city in Iran tourism industry.

Eram Garden*, and it’s beautiful cypress-lined avenues leading to an elegant summer palace. Late this afternoon, spend some time in tomb of Hafiz, Iran’s greatest lyric poet.

Traditional guesthouse
7ShirazPink-tiled mosque of Nasirol-Molk.
Narenjestan Garden.
Vakil historical complex including Bazar, Mosque, Hamam and Caravanserai.
Atiq Jame mosque and the holy shrine of Shah-Cheraq.
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8PasargadPersepolis* (Takhe-Jamshid) the great eventual capital of Achaemenes.
Naqshe-Rostam* with four elaborate tombs belonging to the great Achaemenid rulers Darius I, Xerxes, Artaxerxes I, and Darius II and some Sassanid reliefs.
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9MeymandPasargad* the impressive elevated Tomb of Cyrus the great and its mysterious complex.

A very ancient village dating back to thousands of years of human residence in the area with 350 hand-dug cave houses. Staying one night in equipped caves, makes a chance to feel how people are living here during many years.
Meymand cave village landscape*.

>>Depending on the season, Meymand can be replaced with Abarkuh Historical sites.

>>Kerman and 2 World heritages of Bam citadel and Lut desert are possible upon request and season. That needs one or 2 extra days.

Meymandmoon traditional guesthouse
10YazdYazd, city of wind-catchers, located in the middle of a dry desert, shows a good symbol of adaptation of people and hard environment in central Iran plateau. It made a deep culture and provides living of different beliefs and religions life Muslims, Zoroastrians, Jewish and… next to each other. The city has a unique adobe architecture that registered as a world heritage of UNESCO at 2017.

Pahlavanpour Persian Garden*
Meet with Iranian Zoroastrian family in Taft.

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11YazdFire temple of Yazd.
Museum of Zoroastrians.
Tower of silence or Dakhmeh.
Zurkhaneh the traditional gymnasium.
Historical adobe parts of the City of Yazd*.
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12IsfahanIsfahan or based on a famous Iranian proverb known as “Nesfe Jahan” (Half of the world), is located at the center of Iran, hosts a lot of beauties from different historical eras, especially from 16th and 17th centuries when the city was the capital of the country and Safavid dynasty. Hand-painted tiles, furnished buildings and mosques, glorious gardens, Zayandeh-rood river, city architecture and the great culture of the region, gathers all required materials to have a nice city.

Two historical bridges on Zayandeh-rood river.
Chehel-Sotun* Persian Garden.
Old bazaar of Isfahan.

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13IsfahanHashat Behesht Persian garden*.
Jame mosque of Isfahan*, as a museum of Iranian architecture.
Naqshe Jahan square*
Imam mosque *, Sheikh-Lotfollah or Royal mosque*, Aliqapu palace*.
Qeisarieh Bazar.
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14KashanKashan is a city with more than 7000 years of civilization and impressive sign of pre-history human residence around, surprisingly shows amazing natural and cultural landscapes caused by combination of dry deserts and high mountains.
Tabatabaei historical house- Borujerdiha or Abbasian historical house- Fin Persian garden*- Agha Bozorg mosque.
Sialk historical site is possible due to the time and interests.
Puppet museum hostel
15TehranOuyi underground city- Sialk historical site is possible due to the time and interests.

All sites with * sign are submitted in UNESCO world heritage.

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  • Food meals
  • International flights
  • Visa fee
  • Travel insurance
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Tour details:

    • The priority in sightseeing may be changed due to the time of your arrival, preference of your guide and also official and unofficial holidays of some museums
    • Hotel check-in time generally is at 2:00 PM. According to your arrival time, if you need an early check-in you must book an extra day.

Tour Short Description:

Highlights:  16 amazing UNESCO world heritage site. Zagros mountains view.
14 overnight in hotel or guest house

  • The price includes double and twin rooms in Hotels. Single rooms cost an extra fee.
  • Private or single rooms are not available in the traditional local house. Sleeping equipment is traditional, comfortable Mattresses and Blankets. No Bed!
14 breakfast / 4 lunch / 4 dinner.
2 bottles of water + fruits.

  • Vegetarian dishes are also possible upon request
  • The number of meals depending on your arrival and departure time may be changed.
All transfers and transportation: (Tehran to Tehran)

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Professional licensed guides and drivers. ( Guide assistant for 15 pax and more)


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