Battle of Seattle and an Iconic Photo Which Changed History

By January 3, 2019 January 8th, 2019 Media
Battle of Seattle and an Iconic photo which changed history

When George Hickey purchased his first camera in 1989 to attend University of Washington photography courses he never would have thought that he will be the one to take the most iconic photo of the Battle of Seattle. In 1999, a protest took place in downtown Seattle that shut down the World Trade organization (WTO) summit which was later became to be known as Battle of Seattle. Although during the first day of the protest Seattle Police Department forces didn’t clash directly with the crowd, the US National Guard got involved later on and brutality towards peaceful protesters escalated drastically. There was a wide range of issues (social, political, environmental and so forth) that the diverse population on the street was protesting against the most fundamental of which was the incongruous disparities created by neoliberal globalization in the world. The Battle of Seattle forced mainstream media to recognize the global justice movement for the first time though, a systematic effort was put in to delegitimize the protest. See You in Iran Cultural House, in acknowledgement of International Human Solidarity Day, intended to explore the concept of solidarity and delve into the variety of perceptions found amongst people who are interested in resistance against economic globalization and capitalist corporatism.

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