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See You in Iran (SYI) is the foremost platform for future and former travelers to Iran to connect with locals through experience and information sharing. As featured in Le Monde, Taz, France 24, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Iran (Newspaper), and De Correspondent, See You in Iran originally sought to counter Iranophobia through presenting people’s unfiltered narratives about traveling to Iran.

Our Hostel in Tehran

Our Hostel in Tehran

The See You in Iran Hostel, which was rated the "Top Choice Hostel in Tehran" by Lonely Planet, is the accommodation for cultural exchange. It features eight private rooms, two dorm rooms, an event-based café, a spacious outdoor garden and is run by a multilingual team.

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Tehran Hostel

Kojeen Café - کافه کوژین

Our café is both a living room for travelers a place, for hosting public cultural events and a physical space for Iranians and foreigners to interact through information and experience-sharing. At our café guests can enjoy a variety of coffees and traditional Iranian beverages while ...

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Iran Hostels

Hostel in Tehran

Hostel in Tehran

See You in Iran Hostel is in the Iranshahr neighborhood at the heart of Tehran’s pulsing artistic center. The hostel’s area includes the Iranian Artists’ Forum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and numerous private art galleries. It neighbors political and intellectual attractions like the Former U.S. Embassy, the University of Tehran, and Enghelab Square’s famous book bazaars. Located in the center of Tehran, the hostel is also 30 minutes away from most major historical sites, such as Golestan Palace, the Grand Bazaar, the National Museum of Iran, etc. Refer to our “Contact Us” page for our address and transportation information.

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Hostel in Rasht

Lotka Ecolodge is located in a serene place, among the nature of the Hyrcanian Caspian Sea, which makes it a unique ecolodge to stay in Rasht, Gilan. Hyrcanian forests are the most ancient of all forests survived the ice age due to Caspian Sea’s humidity. Going to Lotka, will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the Gilaki culture; you can experience a rowboat trip from the private pier at the back of the ecolodge, shop local handicrafts made by rural women as souvenirs, and indulge in local cuisine (mostly cooked with organic ingredients). Sarkhoski, where Lotka is located, is a very green and quite village to spend time in with a lot to discover.

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Hostel in Rasht
Hostel in Kashan

Hostel in Kashan

Kashan, a city in the desert, is connected to Karkas Mountains from south and central deserts of Iran from north.
In a historical area of Kashan, just at the heart of the all-important visiting sites and astonishing buildings and monuments, Puppet Museum Hostel can be found. Kashan’s unique “Puppet Museum Hostel” is a charming low-budget accommodation, in a beautiful historical house, with a unique collection of cultural traditions which includes a wide range of traditional puppets and toys and shows featuring them.

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You should come here for the atmosphere and to meet the other international backpackers and the very openminded and interesting young people who run the place. Rooms have an international boho-style, feels just like home. If you are sensitive to light you should bring a sleeping mask etc, as the bedrooms are not very dark. Breakfast is tasty and comfy and you will get help with anything you need as well as introduction to iranian rules and habits. I will definitely return and See You back in Iran!

Meranhomey place run by wonderful people

We stayed with my wife at this incredibly cosy place for 1 night in december’ 2018!
We were really surprised by the hospitality of these guys.
We came late at night and they were waiting for us.
Also there is very delicious coffee with local sweets in the dinig room

Eugene BeletskiyCosyl and very stylish

I have only the best to tell about this amazing hostel and their admirable project.
The staff is super helpful and extremely nice, even though we have stayed there for only one night we really felt the atmosphere of this place!
I highly recommend this hostel to anyone who wants to stay in a special accommodation and learn about the true Iranian culture and current situation.
I wish all the best to all te good people in this hostel 🙂

Matea FA special and inspirational place

At the start of my Iran trip I stayed in the See you in Iran hostel for 2 days by myself. I enjoyed the hostel a lot, especially because of the people working at the hostel! Everyone is very friendly and I learned a lot from many discussions we had about different aspects of the country and its culture.

RachelBest place to start your Iran trip

I've been there twice and if I happen to be in Tehran again will definitely go back to it. The place is great and the stuff even better. I've got lots of info about buses and places to visit and they helped me booking my next accommodations out of Tehran. Warmly recommended.

Eugenio_G694I've been there twice and probably will go back again

Perfect place to start in your iran trip. Lounge room is very cosy and sociable with many outside locals/foreigners coming in to hang out. Tehran becomes much better staying here because of the hosts (particularly Amin and Mustafa), they will recommend you good places to eat and visit. They are also there to help you out with anything like a SIM card or debit card Will be coming back during my trip!

Avid TravellerTehran becomes much better because of the hosts

See you in Iran is so much more than a hostel. While at first overwhelmed by the amount of people working there, you soon come to realize you jumped into a community of people that not only try to make your stay at the hostel your best stay, but for everyone that comes to Iran, in or outside the hostel and Tehran. Everyone was friendly and interested and you are able to have a good laugh with the young and energetic people that work here! Lot of other travellers too and good breakfast.

GlobetrotterEveryone was friendly and interested

Cultural House

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