Day-to-day relations and encounters with difference

By January 6, 2019 January 15th, 2019 Media

Critical educators committed to decolonization and anti-racist critique must endeavour to imagine what human relations might emerge from current conditions, conditions marked primarily by increased migration and economic, ecological, and political instability. We are called upon to imagine and pursue modes of human relationality that might constitute forms of resistance to, as well as healing from, the coloniality of present conditions. This requires a recasting of our day-to-day relations and encounters with difference. “What is at stake,” to quote Judith Butler, “is really rethinking the human as a site of interdependency” (in Taylor, 2008).

The text is extracted from an article called Decolonization and the pedagogy of solidarity, written by Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández. To read the full text visit this link:

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