In collaboration with Farnaz Aboutalebi’s FaFa Coral Island, See You in Iran Cultural House contributed to the conserving and showcasing of Iran’s rural native art’s diverse textiles through an exhibition dedicated to the showcasing of travel products.

Report of The Event

For three weeks See You in Iran hosted a travel good exhibition in an attempt to introduce Iran’s handicraft and textile culture to international audiences and also in contribution to the conservation of its indigenous arts. Farnaz Aboutalebi, FaFa Coral Island’s founder, previously lived in southeast Asian and also studied under the native inhabitants of Qeshm and the “Black Chador” Bakhityari nomads. Under their tutelage she learned a variety of traditional patterns and was instilled with a passion for indigenous artistry. Since then she has been developing workshops and exhibitions as mediums for showcasing the handicrafts and textiles of rural Iranians. Her “FaFa Coral Island Exhibition” with See You in Iran included the displaying of handmade hammocks, hammock tents, bike bags and bamboo made products throughout the green and blossom-filled yard of the See You in Iran Hostel. The exhibition invited on-lookers to learn about the practicality, aesthetic appeal and diversity of handicrafts as travel goods.