Iran is fantastic and beautiful

By November 3, 2018 January 2nd, 2019 Online Community

By Diane Polderdijk, SYI Facebook Group Member

Between 3 september and 16 september my husband and i travelled through Iran with a group of 20 Dutch people.
We did the so called classic tour.

At 3 september we left Amsterdam with a flight to Teheran, where we staten doe 2 days.
5 september we travelled via Qom to Kashan. 6 september we left Kashan to go Yazd, where we stayed for two days aswell.
8 september we travelled to Kerman, where we stayed for another two days.
10 september was the day we continued out trip to visit Shiraz and from 12 september we stayed in Isfahan. After a stay of three days we went back to Teheran. 16 september we went back home.

Iran is a fantastic and beautifull country, with sweet and hospitable people, who welcome you to Iran and want to know were you’re from and what’s your opinion about Iran.
It’s hard to see the struggle of the people, because a lot of people are very poor and can’t find a job.
Everything you buy is very cheap, which feels nice at first, but we realised quickly, that life is hard for most of the people in Iran. So we we decided not to haggle and leave bigger tips than advised. It’s not solving the problems of many, but maybe helping some a little.

I loved the rich history of Iran and the way the government is trying to protect and preserve the historic icons of Iran.

We really loved our visit to Iran and we will certainly promote a holiday in Iran to our friends and family.

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