Challenges caused by recent conversion rates in Iran

By October 27, 2018 November 1st, 2018 Media

“The most baffling thing travellers encounter nowadays in Iran is the conversion rate of Rial (Iran’s currency). As of today, the value of Rial has plunged to LESS than a third of what it was worth a few months ago and it’s most likely to devaluate further which means the purchases of any kind in Iran are currently three times cheaper. Disregarding the variety of factors involved in such economic collapse, for a second, the idea that locals are the demographic who suffers the most is easy to comprehend. While traveling in Iran, a young couple from Germany who were on a strict budget, changed 300 euros and were absolutely shocked to get 60 million Rials in return, which at the moment is more than triple (almost quadruple) the wages of a regular employee in Iran in a MONTH. There is no argument that the livelihood of people is facing great adversities. In a situation like this, some traveler prefer to go through a tedious process to figure out how they can get to the airport by train rather than spend 4 euros for a 50 kilometre cab drive. While it would be considered an extremely cheap drive in their home countries, I’m trying to get my head around why they avoid spending that amount in Iran? Trying my best not to racialise the question.” #NosanctionNowalls

Text by #Seeyouiniran’s FB group admin, also one of our great copywriters: Nima Shokraei

Video by: M Reza Karfar