Do Not Let The Media Sway Your Opinion of a Country

By June 17, 2018 September 15th, 2019 Iran, Online Community

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By Jeff Francis, SYI Facebook Group Member

What to say about it Iran.????
My wife and I have just finished 4 weeks in this wonderful country and it was with great sadness that we had to leave.
We loved all there is to love about Iran, the history, culture, food and of course then people.
The friendliness of the people is what made the holiday for me personally everywhere we went, we had smiling faces wanting to help us.
Some examples are,
* We went to the Milad Tower and ended up walking the 30 min with a local guy, who ended up paying the entry fee for us.
* In Yazd, we had another guy who went out of his way to show us a certain street we were looking for, asking numerous shopkeepers for directions along the way.
* Went to Darband, snap taxi dropped us in the wrong place, spoke to a shopkeeper, who pointed us in the direction of one of his customers, ended up driving us to Darband free of charge, pleased to help.
* The last 4 days in Tehran, decided to change some US dollars up, happened to be when the government had stopped all currency exchanges.
Went to 6 different banks, plus numerous money help at all, decided to try one more bank, said we were down to our last 4 days and needed to change up $50 just to see us through until we fly out, the lady who was helping me rang around, no luck until a staff member offered to withdraw the rial from his own bank account…problem solved.
Just some examples of how generous the people of Iran are..
I end my holiday with great memories and above all a lesson, taught to me by all of Iran, do not let the media sway your opinion of a country (as I had done), that you would like to visit, as you could be severely mistaken.
I have travelled to many different countries over the years and after the last 4 weeks of traveling around Iran, I would rate Iran as one of my the top destinations for a holiday.

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