Hope to visit my motherland Iran, again

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By Benaz Vesuna, SYI Facebook Group Member

Hello everyone 🌹
I would like to share my Visit to Iran ❤️
I feel Blessed to visit My Motherland Iran,Thanks to SVG Pilgrimage tour taking us to Iran Thanks to our SVG Members Kuvarsa uncle ,Keki uncle,Mehernosh Uncle,Behram uncle,Parvez Dasturji,Aspandayd Dasturji ,Noshir Uncle who provide knowledge to us about our religion and enlightened us with the knowledge
Thanks to Irani Staff Nariman,Jamshid,Maziyar and other members of our group.

Iran one of the most Beautiful country in the world
Iran is rich in culture ,heritage and crafts
Iranian people are really sweet and Beautiful
Iranian language is really very sweet
Iranian songs are really amazing
My Friends from Iran had come to meet me and also brought gifts for me

Mount Damavand is the most Beautiful and Divine place, were Traditionally Jashan were performed by Dasturji and Thanks Giving to Dadar Auhra Mazda
Persepolis ,Shiraz built by Xerxes the great. It’s a huge historical site were light and music show was performed.its looks Majestic and Beautiful
Nasqh-e Rustom is really beautiful and historic site
Cyrus The Great Pasargad Tomb looks Beautiful and Divine

In Tehran we visited local agiyari and then we saw the Milad Tower, From the top it’s looks so amazing
And went for shopping for dry fruits from Tavazo
In Tehran we visited to Golestan Palace, Jewlery Museum and National Museum of Iran
Aerial Tramway lifts at ski resorts in Tehran the view from the top is great we were served Tea n Biscuits there
Ali Sadr Caves is just amazing

Isfahan one of the most Beautiful city of Iran In Isfahan we visited agiyari.The Gardens looks like Paradise on earth
We visited Mosque Nasqh-e Jahan is really beautiful and the Grand Bazaar were we have purchased Gaz,Soham,Carpets,Jewellery,Rose water Beautiful Persian Scraf, Cermic Plates and many other things
Yazd were we visited the Atash Behram Fire Temple most Beautiful and Divine

Then we have seen all the Pirs which is really Divine
Chak Chak the holy place of Zoroastrian were Jashan were performed.Chak Chak most Beautiful and Divine Place were the water is dripping in memory of Nek Banu.Legends said that these drops are tears of grief that the mountain sheds in remembrance of Nikbanou
For me it was a Dream to visit Chak Chak and finally my Dream come true Thanks to Dadar Ahura Mazda

Iran tea is really good ,Chelo Kabab is my favourite and Irani Berry Pulao,Ice Cream,Juice,Irani Biscuits,Gaz and Soham is my fav
My favourite place from Iran Mount Damavand,Yazd Atash Behram Fire Temple, and Chak Chak

At the end of our tour we all pray the song Chaiye Hame Zarthosti
And we offered thanks to Dadar Auhra Mazda for His Grace we visited our Motherland Iran
Hope I visit Iran again ❤️

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