An Indonesian in Political Sciences in Tehran University

By April 13, 2018 September 16th, 2019 Iran, Online Community

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By Erdipa Wirengjurit, SYI Facebook Group Member

(Long read, apologies for that…)

Well, what can I say? I pretty much love this country!

I’m a 24 year old Indonesian and I’m currently studying Political-Sciences in Tehran Uni. Though it may sound hard, it actually fucking is. Thankfully I’m holding on (yay)!

I’ve spent the last 3+ years of my life living in Iran. One of the most important moments I’ve had happened here. Learned a new language, culture, way of thinking/seeing things and all made me what I am today. Can’t be grateful enough about that.

Before I came to Iran I was living in Switzerland for about 12 years (Geneva represent!) and all knowledge I had about Iran was either based of media or my own dumbass assumptions. I’m sorry to say this, but when you look at the middle east, it’s one hell of a sensitive place… and Iran’s in the bull’s eye middle of it.

So when I heard that my dad was going to work there, naturally we were a bit anxious about it. At least I was until I get the first phone call from my parents in Iran. It went something in the line’s of:

– Mom: “Aw mah Gawd, Dipa, Iran’s such a beautiful county! Everything’s great, you should come visit!

So I decided that I would go visit them, l and boy was I surprised too! It’s pretty much what all of you have shown, seen, read on this page: A country with a rich culture, food that is a temptation to any diet, a variety of nature prettier than Window’s all-time screensaver collection and above all, incredibly warm and kind people (and good looking too! I mean no-shit, you ladies are beautiful! And gentlemen, no homo, but some of you are gorgeous too).

Oh and I do a bit of photography too (more on: . In three years, I got the opportunity to see a lot of the country, though I feel I need to see more.

Thank you! Hope that we can see each other soon!

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