Iran is like never ending story country

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By Patrycja Borzęcka, SYI Facebook Group Member

Hello dear friends,
Recently I have been to Iran for my third time and soon there is possibility that I’ll be going for the fourth. All the time I discover something new. All the time I’m saying to myself “Okay… this time I go to Iran and I’ll be full, I’ll see everything I want to see, I’ll be satisfied by my travel”. Each time I stay almost month, and go back with the thought that I still want to see and experience even more. It’s like never ending story and I have never enough. Iran is such a beautiful country!

I used to publish some pictures from my previous travels out here. Basically I’m professional photographer and I work as photographer, so I always bring a lot of photoshoots from Iran.
During my previous travels I’ve visited Tehran, Karaj, Alborz Mountains, Esfahan, Yazd, Sanandaj… This time I was in Qom, Kashan, Rasht, Abyaneh, Natanz, Maranjab Desert, Shiraz and Persepolis. It was also great for sure!
Here you can check out my pictures which I will be posting regularly:

Thank you again Iranian people for your hospitality and for your attitude. You’re always welcome in Poland! Wish you the best <3

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