The Magical Kurdistan

By February 5, 2020 Online Community

Kurdistan and its magic ;

I can’t really describe enough and im not a good story teller but you can’t miss kurdistan in iran .

I don’t know about other Kurds like in Turkey,Iraq or Syria but i heard from a orientalist who have been to all The real Kurdish culture is still alive Only in Iran . ( of course this also doesn’t mean the others lost it but it’s been more westernized)

Kurds seemed easy and open minded when i walked through the streets in terms of religion and beliefs. Even though they can be a very good hardworking believer but you don’t see the pressure on you and despite being open minded you see how spiritual they are.

Suffism is pretty much often and normal among people.They are hospitable like many other people and they Can be very good looking as well .They have always been known as brave and hardworking people maybe it’s because of their environment, you see mountains everywhere and of course life is tough in the mountains.

I was happy to be at this special ceremony this year which is known as Pir e shalyar ( پير شاليار ) which was hold in Uraman takht village. I amm not going to talk about the ceremony because you can read it all with a simple search: )

The only sad point is that it’s getting more popular and more people from cities especially Tehrani people are going there for the ceremony and you see not everyone but mostly don’t really care about the ceremony and don’t respect the villagers culture and traditions and all they want is more “ likes” and followers on their social pages by taking selfies and videos.

Anyway i hope one day we all get more and more aware and educated about our environment.

Pey Man



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