By October 27, 2018 November 1st, 2018 Media
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We don’t think the states can save us. We believe people solidarity is necessary. And we believe local people’s agency is the key. Sanctions and walls don’t hurt the governments. They target people. People who are actively resisting the social/political/economic pressure in their everyday lives. People who are the only legitimate agents of change. Sanctions block local democratic activities. And sanctions prevent people from basic human needs. We all know people who died of the lack of medicine. We all remember plane crashes because of the shortage of equipment. Sanctions are violent weapons of war. A modern symptom of the interventionist mentality. Which belongs to a larger imagination of war and colonialism. Read history!

Global community has a responsibility today. An important RESPONSIBILITY. What happened to Libya?  Who is benefiting from Syria? What do Egyptians think about their military state today? Did you know that Iraq was under US sanctions since 1990? Did intervention help Libyan/Syrian/Egyptian/Iraqi/Afghan/Yemeni people? There’s more than one Empire in politics today. Let’s stand united against interventionism. Against colonialism. Don’t let the governments win. They want to isolate us. They want to make walls around us. So “No Sanctions, No Walls.”, “No Sanctions, No Walls.”, “No Sanctions, No Walls.” And more power to local people. Solidarity is a form of empowerment. And solidarity is the least we can expect. Don’t let the states separate us. Don’t let biased corporate media shape your imagination of Iran. Iran is a safe country. Don’t boycott Middle Eastern’s hopeful resistance. Get out of your “comfort zone.” See You in Iran/Libya/Syria/Egypt/Iraq/Afghanistan/Yemen,…