Persian New Year with an Iranian family in Paveh

By March 8, 2018 September 16th, 2019 Iran, Online Community

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By Noor Iskandar, SYI Facebook Group Member

A third sojourn to Iran to decongest the choked up spiritual space. The past 8 weeks have been quite a quagmire for the spirit; murky, ominous, off-grid and grit.

Being off social media was a breath of fresh air. You quiten the haste and chaste of living, you condense the hierarchy of meanings. Took time to reclaim space, chills and warmth to heal, feel again.

Arshad invited me back to Paveh to spend the Persian New Year with his family- I took a 3 weeks seclusion in a quaint little suite, immersing myself with my thesis readings and just bleeding ink. Then another week to visit the souls I have left behind before.

The city slowly unfurls before your eyes, as you wander about the streets and strange faces. Finally, the whole village knows your name. “Noor”…. “Muhammad”.

Catharsis- is what it was. And I hope to share it all with you – small sip by small sip. I was considering not sharing this sojourn, it felt rather sacred keeping memories for my own kindling but the beauty is just too overwhelming and the world can never have enough.

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