Cycling Yazd

By September 2, 2018 September 15th, 2019 Online Community

By Behnam Yazd, SYI Facebook Group Member

Cycling lets you explore the landscape at your own pace, ensures ample engagement with the local culture, has minimal environmental impacts, and best of all helps you conclude your trip fitter than when you started it!
To those who live an active lifestyle, have a passion for adventure and relish the fatigue that comes after day of exhilarating pedaling.
Exploring such nice and historical cities like Yazd in Iran is experience you can not forget
You will pass narrow violence and reconciliation alleys. We will avoid busy and crowded roads in the city you can be sure it is safe and at same time possibility to visit attractions.
For who are heading to beautiful Yazd join us for cycling tour’s.
Welcome in advance.

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