Different Types Of Iranian Bread

By November 3, 2018 January 2nd, 2019 Online Community

By Haji Rohani, SYI Facebook Group Member


Try different types of Iranian bread, especially for breakfast.
The Persian word for bread is “nan” “نان ”
There are numerous types of breads in Iranian national cuisine. Due to the wide varieties of products and different favorites of people, several categorizations of bread types may be used throughout the country.
●Sangak (سنگک) ●barbari ( بر بری) ●taftun ( تافتون) and ●lavash (لواش) are the most popular and may be baked in each district of the country.
The Sasanian inscriptions of the 3rd century have mentioned the word “nan” . Also, analyzing historical documents show that the word “nan” is mentioned in the Pahlavi texts of the 9th century.

A definition of sangak—one of the most popular Iranian breads—was found in the comprehensive Persian encyclopedia “Borhan-e-Ghate” in 1651.

One of the oldest bakeries of Tehran is located in Luti Saleh.
It is the name of an old passage in Tehran that was founded in the 19th century during the Qajar period.

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