Exchange studies in university of Isfahan

By June 10, 2020 Online Community
Hey, I’m Salla and I’m doing my exchange studies in University of Isfahan. I came in February, just before corona and got stuck here in Iran. At first I was mostly staying at home like everyone, afraid of the virus (I still am but in a different level). After two months of being almost all the time at home in Esfahan, I booked my flight back to Finland at 23 April. Spontaniously I surprised my family, friends, and even myself by deciding to cancel my flight and live a little since going back home without real positive memories of Iran felt too awful for me. Instead of going to Finland, I went to Tehran, to Klardasht, saw Caspean Sea, then to Helen natural area, again to North and now my last trip was to Yazd. I am thanking myself every day for that one second of madness of cancelling that flight in a hopeless corona situation. Now here things and people seem to be positive and I have totally fell in love with Iran and it’s people and landscapes, architecture and historical stories. I am learning every day something new.
Now I went to see Naqsh e Jahan from high perspective and it is amazing! Also the amount of people going out is hmm amazing too. If you want, you can follow my adventure and feelings from Iran from my instagram with my own name sallakivekas.


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