Iranians Are Friendly

By September 7, 2018 September 15th, 2019 Online Community

By Wunsiri Saisakorn, SYI Facebook Group Member

Saaaaaalam Khasteh naboshi. To chetori. 😂😆

Last summer 2017 I was an intern student in Tehran almost 3 months. And I was traveling around Iran when I had day-off. It was a wonderful experience for me !!!! 😍😍

Iranian are very friendly.
Mohi kabab is the best for me.
Bam Tehran is the best place for chill out at night.
The weather is very very hot on August. 😰🔥

These photos are some of my best moment.

P.S. The excited moment is extension my VISA. 😂

P.S. When Iranian men asked me where am I from? I replied them I come from Thailand. They always ask me. Are you from Pattaya? (More than 75% of Iranian men who asked me this question) I know I know that Pattaya is famous in that way. But I just want them to know that Thailand has many city and not every Thai girl come from Pattaya.

By the way. Iran is one of my most favorite country. Especially Esfahan, Tehran and Mazandaran. 💕

Last p.s. I suggest to my friends that they should visit Iran at least once in their lifetime. 😍

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