A Week of Resilience and Allyship

By November 24, 2019 Media

For a whole week, we went offline, as well as all the other 80 million people living in Iran. We lost our connections to the outside world, to our families, friends, colleagues, and last but not least, to our community members. It was a week of virtual silence, but not an actual one. We are gradually going back online, and reality is beginning to set in. Despite what has happened or what is happening, we are resistant and resilient; we believe in solidarity and affinity; in freedom and equality; in cultural engagement and political involvement; in social responsibility and activism. We salute the ones in other parts of the world who not only showed solidarity with people in Iran, but who also persisted as allies; from negotiating with universities to extend their deadlines for Iranian applicants, to handling online businesses while the owners did not have access to internet, to disseminating information on how people can call their loved ones in Iran. We also salute the ones in the country, who do not lose hope, and fight for a good life.

Now that the week of disconnection is over, we are back, and still committed to being a voice from inside Iran for global audience. Our platforms are ready for you to share your narratives, or ask for unfiltered first-hand stories and experiences. We are back, and we hope to See You in Iran.


Photo: Eric Purcell

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