Iranian Hospitality Never Ceases to Amaze!

By October 2, 2019 Online Community

A random old man. On the same bus as me from Shiraz to Tehran. He helps me put my heavy bags into the bus. Then he sits in the front, I go to the back. I say Khoda Hafez and sleep for 4 hrs. Then driver stops for a toilet break. I can’t find the toilet. This man sees I am lost and shows me the way. Then he buys me tea. Asks if I want to eat. I say no but I want to nibble on their national snack. I show him google images of sunflower seeds. He gets it!yells at people to ask where the shop is. They show him the way. He takes me there and buys me the seeds. He adds sweet waffles. I want to give him money but he refuses. We get on the bus. I nibble. He sleeps. 8 hrs later bus arrives. I leave the bus sleepy and confused I look for taxis. He says “lady. Come!” and waves a taxi. I show him where I want to go on my map. He comes with me to the taxi. We arrive to MY destination. He pays but I don’t allow him. He won’t let me. So I put money into his pocket. He gives me some more sweets and wishes good journey. All this in a language I “don’t understand”, in a country that’s “unsafe”.

This happened to me multiple times in these past 20 days I spent in this wonderful country. I travelled alone to prove it that it is SAFE for a solo female. That this country isn’t dangerous as many people believe. That it IS a wonderful destination for anybody who loves nature, history, art and traditions.Iranian hospitality will never cease to amaze me. I thank all of you who made this journey unforgettable. And for those of you who read these posts and still hesitate to come here- don’t. Just go. You will come back a better man.


Kami Alsoknownas Kamkam

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