Can’t Live Without Mirza Ghasemi & Ghormeh Sabzi Anymore

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By Lucia Rinchiuso, SYI Facebook Group Member

Exactly one year ago I was travelling in Iran. It was my first travel outside Europe and most of the people didn’t really understand why I was so fascinated by Iran (it’s not the most common destination for Italians). But when I came back, showed the photos, brought them to the closest Iranian restaurant (I can’t live without mirza ghasemi and ghormeh sabzi anymore) and told them about my travel they understood! I hope I convinced someone, maybe some of those who had wrong prejudices, to come to Iran one day and see with their eyes. It has been such a wonderful experience for me. I loved the landscapes, the monuments, the food, the culture and especially the amazing people. I experienced genuine interest for tourists, their countries and they idea about Iran, this warm and welcoming attitude that we often forget in Europe. I hope to have the opportunity to come again to Iran one day!

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