I can’t stop talking about my trip to Iran!

By June 27, 2019 Online Community

Whenever I meet an Iranian (and they seem to be everywhere!) I can’t stop talking about my trip to Iran in 2013. I traveled to all the corners of the country and it was truly the best trip I’ve had so far.

Before going, I had some doubts about traveling alone as a girl (leaving Europe for the first time). No reason for doubts as it turned out, felt comfortable every single moment and experienced a hospitality that I had never seen before. In Iran, it happened to me almost daily that a chat in the queue in the bakery store resulted in a meal with the whole family and a place to stay for the night.

Ever since I am on a mission to convince people to go, so if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer. Also, for those who consider hitchhiking in Iran, I would be happy to share my experiences with that.

Dorien Lugt