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Just came back from a 18-days trip from #Iran, by far the best of my life. Among many things to enjoy in this country, I would like to share with you a rare pearl which undoubtly deserves a stop in your plan: #Kurdistan. Visiting Kurdistan means reconnecting with nature, hiking among unique landscapes, picking juicy fruits from trees when hungry, sharing a cup of tea or a delicious meal with the most genuine and hospitable people you’ve ever met, strolling around old and full of life small villages embedded in the folds of fascinating mountains and built on centuries-old stones, humbly discovering the daily life of its inhabitants, listening to joyful traditional songs, playing football in a schoolyard and then take a rest by the river, falling asleep while staring at the stars.
And I have been able to fully enjoy this experience thanks to Shahin Paraste, a really passionate professional guide with a deep knowledge of Kurdistan and its people, languages and culture. Hope you’ll have a great time in Iran and in Kurdistan as well.

Carlo D’Addona


Extreme sports are growing in iran. These are some pictures from highlinig in Bisoton big wall in Kermanshah. Bisoton is the biggest big wall in Iran (around 1000m high ). There are also some base jumping exit in this wall. You can climb, highline, base jump. and at the same time you can visit some beautiful historical palaces there like” Farhad Tarash “😏😏
Enjoy the culture of iran with a bit taste of adventure 🤘🤘🌏

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